The G1 is a high performance garment devised to increase safety and in-flight stamina by providing optimal fit, ventilation, protection and storage facilities for airborne professionals. It is the result of extensive research on the daily movements and tasks performed under extreme conditions. The G1 has become an instant success with bush pilots, air ambulance and transport crews globally.


Based around a concept we call the “cockpit cut”, the G1 is tailored to actively support your movements when performing tasks associated with flight control. For instance, the interconnected stretch panels in Shoeller™ performance fabric allows you to lean, stretch or twist your upper body without constraint. Like one of our test pilots concluded; “It’s the first flight suit I’ve ever worn that actually makes me feel good”.


The G1 is designed to perform exceptionally in the crouching, kneeling and reaching positions associated with both cockpit and maintenance tasks – including the more delicate arm and wrist movements associated with flight control.


Traditionally, aviation gear is all about pockets and buttons. But very few designs actually offer storage for swift access in seated position, or sufficient room for tablets and other essential equipment. To us, this is completely unacceptable. Following intense studies of how modern aircrews use their personal equipment, we’ve devised a strictly pragmatic storage system with angled, high-end zippers and flush contour pockets. There are also aptly placed clips and fasteners that allow you to square away chords and other nuisances.


You don’t need a rocket scientist to figure out that the cockpit environment demands breathable garments with smart ventilation facilities. We’ve placed them exactly where they should be, allowing you to square away temperature nuisances instantly.


Our material of choice for key stress zones is the CORDURA® fabric; adding lightweight strength and excellent resistance to abrasion.

For more information about the G1 Flightsuit, please download the AUK G1 presentation

PDF here.


Approx Height (CM) 164 – 168
CHEST 88 — 92
WAIST 72 — 76
Approx Height (CM) 168 – 172
CHEST 92 — 96
WAIST 77 — 81
Approx Height (CM) 173 — 180
CHEST 94 — 98
WAIST 80 — 85
Approx Height (CM) 178 — 184
CHEST 98 — 102
WAIST 84 — 89
Approx Height (CM) 182 — 188
CHEST 102 — 106
WAIST 88 — 93
Approx Height (CM) 186 — 191
CHEST 106 — 111
WAIST 92 — 97
Approx Height (CM) 189 — 193+
CHEST 110 — 116+
WAIST 96 — 100+
G1 Summer flight suit 650€ + VAT
G2 Winter flight suit 770€ + VAT
P1 Crew pants 220€ + VAT
Base parka 650€ + VAT

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