The brand new P1 Crew Pants were developed to perform exceptionally for both cockpit and maintenance tasks. It is a high performance garment designed for those who need an alternative to the traditional coverall flight suit.


Based on a similar cut as featured in our appreciated G1/G2 Flight Suit series, the P1’s are designed to support your movements both in and out of cockpit. High performance Shoeller™ stretch pads offer a perfect combination of heat retention as well as symmetrical support for kneeling/crouching positions. Key stress zones are reinforced with the ultra durable CORDURA™ fabric.


Removable contour knee-guards allow you to concentrate fully on DI and maintenance tasks. We believe they are essential to modern aircrews.


Like all AUK Protection products, the P1’s where developed in close collaboration with active aircrews. Down to the most minute detail, they are intended to increase your safety by allowing you to move, reach and store away equipment quickly and in any given position. The flush contour design also means that there is a minimum of excess fabric, doing away with snags, bulkiness and other typical “cargo pant” issues.


Approx Height (CM) 173 — 180
CHEST 94 — 98
WAIST 80 — 85
Approx Height (CM) 178 — 184
CHEST 98 — 102
WAIST 84 — 89
Approx Height (CM) 182 — 188
CHEST 102 — 106
WAIST 88 — 93
Approx Height (CM) 186 — 191
CHEST 106 — 111
WAIST 92 — 97
Approx Height (CM) 189 — 193+
CHEST 110 — 116+
WAIST 96 — 100+
G1 Summer flight suit 590€ + VAT
G2 Winter flight suit 720€ + VAT
P1 Crew pants 220€ + VAT
Base parka 650€ + VAT

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