The World of AUK Protection

Helicopter pilots are highly specialized people. We are expected to perform a unique set of tasks at exactly the right time – always responsible for lives, limbs and expensive machinery. Our assistance is required for search and rescue, oil rig construction, air medical services, fighting fires, police work and military missions. It’s all part of the job. It’s part of our world. The modern pilot needs to stay safe, alert and effective while performing a broad set of tasks under pressing conditions. Doing the job properly requires comfortable garments and functional protection. This is the world of AUK protection.

AUK Protection offers functional, heavy-duty workwear for aviators, tailor-made for the unique working conditions of modern aircrews. We offer a new breed of protection garments and personal safety equipment based on our core values: safety, comfortability, functionality and style. Universal yet strictly personal, our mission is to improve your workday.

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Our story

AUK Protection was founded in 2011 by a group of Swedish helicopter pilots. We were tired of the lack of quality- and design-thinking in pilot equipment. So we started to collect data among our colleagues. We spent months interviewing seasoned pilots with long experience from tough missions under the most extreme conditions, ranging from rescue missions in arctic environments to desert military operations. We simply listened – as they described their real problems, needs and desires.

Based on the things we learned, we put together a team of designers, engineers and medical experts to solve the issues, and to create a new breed of personal safety equipment – developed by and for pilots. Almost 10 years later, we can proudly offer a range of unique, performance enhancing products for modern aircrews. A new breed of smart workwear for airborne professionals.