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Our garments are cut to perform exceptionally when seated or in crouching position. They are highly breathable and allows for instant climate adjustment. There are no excess fabrics, nothing that obstructs your movement or vision. Snags and nuisances are squared away with, and storage pockets are angled for quick and hassle-free access.


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We proudly work with those whom show up when bad comes to worse.
Learn more about all the incredible men and women that choose our products.



AUK Protection – Origin

What we´re made of

This is a company that aims to develop and provide pilots and related professions with premium garments focused on user-centered design. For many years, we have worked closely with our users and constantly strive to improve our products. More than a decade later, we provide garments and accessories for men and women of the air. Based on our core values – safety, comfortability, functionality and style – we develop high performance garments designed for the unique working conditions of our trade.


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