AUK Protection was founded in 2011 as a reaction to the lack of quality in pilot equipment. We had serious grievances. It was very personal.

Always responsible for peoples’ lives and limbs, accountable for ridiculously expensive equipment. People who fly for a living are highly specialized multi-taskers who need to be alert at all times. Our view is that everyone benefits to keep these men and women safe, snug and alert while on the job.

Heavily inspired by User Centered Design, scientific research and high performance fabrics, we went into live prototyping with various aircrews throughout Scandinavia.

More than a decade later, we provide garments and accessories for men and women of the air. Based on our core values – safety, comfortability, functionality and style – we develop high performance garments designed for the unique working conditions or our trade. It’s still very personal.


Our main product designs are the result of extensive prototyping in collaboration with active aircrews. We’ve mapped out everything from behavioral patterns to stress factors associated with in-flight or maintenance tasks.

Our garments are cut to perform exceptionally when seated or in crouching position. They are highly breathable and allows for instant climate adjustment. There are no excess fabrics, nothing that obstructs your movement or vision. Snags and nuisances are squared away with, and storage pockets are angled for quick and hassle-free access.