Client profile: Icelandic Coast Guard

Guardians of the North Atlantic

Welcome to the realm of the Icelandic Coast Guard (ICG), where dedication meets diversity amidst the stunning backdrop of the North Atlantic Ocean. Our mission is clear: to safeguard both lives and territory across the vast expanse of 1.9 million square kilometers of search
and rescue (SAR) area.

Our operational prowess is powered by a fleet comprising three Airbus H225 SAR helicopters and the formidable DASH 8 Q300 Surveillance and Rescue Aircraft. Complemented by two Patrol vessels, we ensure comprehensive coverage and rapid response capabilities.


The Airbus H225 SAR helicopters, affectionately known as Super Pumas, serve as our airborne lifelines.

Equipped for a myriad of missions, including medivac operations, SAR on sea and land, firefighting with Bambi Buckets, and sling operations, they epitomize versatlity in the face of adversity. Moreover, they facilitate law enforcement and surveillance activities within our jurisdiction, ensuring the safety and security of all.

Navigating the Icelandic landscape, encompassing volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, and black sands within a compact 103, 000 square kilometers, presents unique challenges. The dynamic weather patterns, characterized by extremes and rapid changes, demand unwavering vigilance and adaptability from our crews. Yet, amidst these challenges lies the allure of an awe-inspiring environment, where every flight offers a spectacle of nature’s wonders.


At the heart of our operations lies a team of dedicated professionals, bound by a common goal and fueled by camaraderie.

Working alongside such extraordinary individuals amidst the backdrop of Iceland’s natural splendor is not just a job but a privilege—a sentiment echoed by every member of our esteemed crew.

In the Icelandic Coast Guard, we embrace the mantra of service, resilience, and camaraderie. With unwavering determination, we stand as guardians of the North Atlantic, ready to face any challenge that comes our way. For us, it’s not just a job; it’s the best job in the world.


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