Client Profile: Karolinska University Hospital

Intensive Care Transport Center (ITC)

ITC transports critically ill patients in need of advanced intensive care. Whether by our specially designed intensive care helicopter, airplanes, or ground transport, ITC performs intensive care transport to and from Karolinska and between other hospitals as needed.

Our nurses and physicians have extensive experience in intensive care during transport, both airborne and groundbased, taking over patient care on-site. We also provide guidance on patient care before the need for transport is determined. We are available 24/7 with all our 4 specialized transport teams, ensuring the right team transports your patient.

Specialized Teams:

  • ANTS (Acute Neonatal Transport Service)
  • PETS (Pediatric Emergency Transport Service)
  • AITT (Advanced Intensive Care Transport Team)
  • ECMO Transportation (Extra corporal membrane oxygenation)

Thanks to the extended features on the intensive care helicopter, it can fly in adverse weather conditions and cover longer distances than most other helicopters on the market. With a speed exceeding 320 km/h, Karolinska’s intensive care helicopter has a range of 800 kilometers from Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm Sweden.

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Photo Credit: Danish Saroee ®, Joakim Lindberg