Client Profile: Storm Heliworks

Storm Heliworks is an extremely hard working operator that performs aerial work, forestry services, power grid maintenance and construction logistics across the rugged landscapes of northern Europe.


Masters of versatility

Storm Heliworks provide their services all across northern Europe. They are currently operating out of Åre-Östersund Airport and Gothenburg City Airport with their fleet of Airbus H125, H120 and Robinson R44.

Stefan Larsson, CEO:

– We do a lot precision sling flying, like the cutting of branches around power lines. In that case, the saw is suspended twenty-four meters below the helicopter and the branches are supposed to be cut about forty centimeters from the trunk. Add some wind, and this calls for some pretty serious flying skills. I am really proud of my guys.

– We chose AUK Protection flight suits because it represents new thinking in pilot equipment, and I want only the best for my crew. Really demanding work like tree branching, tower erecting and heavy construction calls for flexible and functional equipment that eases the strains of the pilot, just like the flight suit.

– I really think that the design and quality of it adds an extra measure of safety, as well as a certain pride and professionalism that comes with representing the company colors in something that was designed specifically for what we do. I would absolutely recommend it to others.


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